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Terms & Conditions


When you call UK Appliance repair, we always reasonably assume that you have read and understood our Terms and Conditions

The Service Charge that you pay will include callout and all the labour time needed to carry out a diagnostic test or repair. Any parts that might be required to complete a repair are not included in this fee.

Service Charges are payable directly to the Engineer on the first visit to your property. In the case of rental properties / business properties where the bill payer will not be present, payment may be required at the point of booking.


 If an Engineer attends and diagnoses a fault which then leads to a repair quotation, the Service Charge is payable whether you decide to proceed or not. UK Appliance repair  does not offer free callouts / free estimates.

All repairs completed by UK Appliance Repair come with a  (90 Day) Repair Guarantee. This is to ensure that the repair has been completed correctly. Should you need to have the engineer return after a repair, if the fault relates to what the engineer did on the previous visit, the Engineer will rectify any issue and there will be no further charge. If the Engineer attends and finds that the re-visit relates to a new fault or a separate fault that was not reported on the original repair booking, you may be required to pay a Callout Charge of £40+VAT.

There are some repairs that are excluded from the Repair Guarantee. The following repairs do not carry a repair guarantee:

A repair carried out where a blockage / foreign body has been removed from the appliance

A repair to a Refrigeration Unit where a Refrigerant Recharge has taken place, such as a Re-Gas or a Compressor Change.

The following components are excluded from the Repair Guarantee:

Door parts, including handles, glass and fixtures

Door seals

Cosmetic parts including facias, trims and decor surrounds

Drum lifters / Paddles

Internal furniture including shelves, door shelves and baskets

Refrigeration Compressors


Door Locks / Door Catches

Card Payments – We do not store credit card details.


Our engineer will contact You to visit on Your preferred date, or We may arrange an alternative date with You if the engineer cannot make the requested date. Engineers are available between 7.30:am and 5.00pm Monday to Friday excluding UK Public Holidays.

You must provide adequate free parking for the engineer with good access to Your property and Our engineers must have good accessibility to the Appliance. If your Appliance does not have good accessibility We reserve the right to cancel the repair. If this is necessary You will not receive a refund.


Limitation of liability

 If the Appliance is tightly fitted or required to be pulled out of its position, We cannot be held responsible for any damage to the surroundings. 


We are committed to providing You with the highest standard of service and customer care We are able, but we do realise that there may be occasions when You feel that You have not received the standard of service You had expected.